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Necromancer Review

Spawn (McFarlane) - Series 14 - Dark Ages Spawn 2
Remember when McFarlanes were worth buying? I do, you could get them cheap at discount stores and they came packed with accessories, and the figure was pretty cool to boot! Even the packaging was awesome, lots of graphics, they even came with instructions on where to put all those crazy weapons and items! The 90s were great times for McFarlane, seemed like they were doing lots of cool stuff like Danger Girl and Metal Gear Solid.

Here's a great example, I got the Necromancer figure from the Spawn: Dark Ages line for a buck! The accessories alone made this worth the buy, but the figure made me freak, it looks just like my friend Catherine (a little too much eye-shadow, but still!) Don't you just love it when a figure looks like someone you know? Creepy and cool. So here we go, a review!

Like I say, the packaging and arrangement of the items inside is attractive, I wouldn't mind having this MOC hanging from the wall. Lots of cool art and graphics, this is what toys looked like on the shelves and pegs before high-price made everyone cut back on eye-candy. The instruction-sheet is what really impressed me, it makes figuring-out where all those crazy accessories are supposed to go a much easier and less destructive task, and they detail ALL the figures of the line! I've ripped so many thumbs and broken so many things trying to force stuff into other stuff, the instructions are a nice addition. There's also previews of other figures on the back of the sheet.

I'm sure I'd be more impressed with the figure itself if I saw the reference art for it, but even as is, it's still a nifty 6-inch figure. Nothing outstanding but still worth at least a buck, hah. Very intricate details abound in standard McFarlane fashion, even the rubbery piece covering her right boob is detailed! The wings are inspired, very claw-like but with a delicate look (they're stained clear plastic). I wish they were removable (they aren't) but I can fix that easily enough. They ave hinges though, so they can move forward and act sort of like a shield to the Necromancer.

The accessories are super-neat, the main reason I bought this figure. The ghostly hood is phenomenal, definitely getting some customizing use out of it. There's a removable silver Ankh necklace, it is AWESOME! It rests neatly between her tits, that's right, I said tits. The serrated knife is snake-wrapped, the owl-mask and skin-mask fit neatly and are also removeable, and the head can dangle in the left hand snugly. The little dragon is cool, everything moves! The legs, head, and tail can all be posed! It's such a cute little pet.

Bottom-line, if you can get this figure cheap, do it! It's a great deal! By the way, there are two versions of this figure, all I can tell from blurry pictures is that they are different color-schemes, don't know about what is included in the package.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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