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Prowler Review

Spider-Man - Animated Series (Toy Biz) - Series 4
The Prowler is yet another, fine creation from the Spiderman figures.

Prowler is just beautiful. His suit is mainly green with a lavendar cape, mask, boots and guantlets. His cape is removable and he comes with a collector's pin. When I first saw Prowler, the picture on his packaging caught my eye. He's shown in a crouching position with his razor-claws lashing out. Whoa!! This guy has claws!! So I looked at the figure's claws...and well, they aren't exactly the lethal weapons they seem to be on the packaging...Toy Biz decided to make his claws be able to retract and spring out. A great idea, but they botched the job. The "claws" look more like lavendar toothpics...I'm not saying they are horrible eyesoars, oh no, far from it, I'm just saying they don't look like they are supposed to look. I think the claws would have looked better if they were left alone and made to look like the claws on the back of the package. A fancy feature doesn't always make everything better...

Inspite of my claw-bashing, The Prowler excels in everything else. His boots, guantlets, and cape are highly detailed. The dark markings on his mask are cleanly made. His body is very well made. He has creases in his suit which make it look like he is wearing a REAL fabric suit!!

I think Prowler is one of the best looking super heroes and one of the most overlooked. This guy is great, he has a large cape, he's got grappling hooks, smoke bombs, energy blasters, and best of all, razor-claw-tipped gauntlets to scare the hee-haw out of criminals. He is also one of Spiderman's greatest allies in the war against crime, mainly the Kingpin. Despite being a strong addition to the good fight, Prowler still seems to be unknown to most people. I hope this review helps to spread the word about this great hero.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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