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Blackarachnia Review

Transformers - Animated (Hasbro) - Deluxe
In a world full of G1 refrences, Blackarachnia stands alone as a Beast Wars reference. Blackarachnia, formally the Elita-1 of the Animated Universe, is an odd character. One of the most powerful Cybertronians due to here mutated state, she wishes for nothing more than to be returned to her more "pure" technological origins.

Blackarachnia transforms into a massive techno-organic spider with a predominatly purple color scheme in both robot and best modes. The body takes notes from both the original Transmetals 2 Blackarachnia Beast Wars toy in the form of the helmet and from Beast Machines in which her spider-mode limbs transform into her arms and legs as well as the thorax becoming a massive, uh, postieror.

Having all the standard articulation for a Deluxe Class Animated Transformer, the femme-fatal is very well balanced in both modes and there is near endless amount of possing possibilites, owing especially to her rather unique hip joints. The robot mode head is very nicly sculpted, having a lightpiping effect that makes her fore eyes glow menacingly when held up to the light. The paint application is nice and smooth with no flaws, though this will unfortunately vary from toy to toy.

The transformation is rather tricky, made especially so by her very porly made pedipals (the large purple fangs) which will pop off with only a little manipulation and transformation requires them to be spun around completly, so fun, fun, fun there.

Blackarachnia comes with a grapple gun with a tri-pointed hook that is suprsingly sturdy. The line can be rapidly reeled in by a small button on its side. The grapple gun can be attached to her beast modes thorax or robot modes underarm. For storage, it attaches to her back with the claw pointing upwards.

Unfortunalty, the internal mechanism that makes the grapple gun work is apparantly very fragile and it stopped working after only a few minutes and impossible to fix with being [I]extremely[/I] careful when opening it up.

Normally, I'd go into a detailed explanation of the transformation, but tonight, I just don't feel like it. Sorry to disappoint you.

Over all, Transformers Animated Blackarachnia gets four stars out of five.

      by Collector1   Update Review

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