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Overcast (Allspark Power) Review

Overcast (Allspark Power)
Transformers - Movie (Hasbro) - Deluxe Class
A certifiable sociopath and sadist, Overcast has a truly inhuman body, his pseudo-face looking more like a camera lens and lacking any hands. His body is a redeco of the Dreadwing mold, recolored form white and gray to black and yellow. Overcast's alt mode is that of a MiG-29 Mikoyan "Fulcrum" fighter jet with an unsually large...thing at the bottom of it that unfolds into his legs in robot mode.

Arm's too long, legs too short and chest too wide, Overcast is a very disturbing individual transformer with a single cycloptian eye mounted in the middle of his long head. His arms are in fact his vehicle modes engines, lacking hands in place of twin missle launchers that eject spring loaded, yellow plums of flame. His head is made up of his cockpit giving him a destinct Xenomorph style cranium, but somewhat less-phallic in nature.

His transformation is very complex and requires a lot of subtle movements and twists that aren't readly apparant in the vauge instruction sheet. The automorph gimmick is less impressive than even Blackout's shin's. Transforming Overcast's head makes his "ears" pop up and in such a manner that it is more startaling and unneccasary in that area.

Overcast is capable of balancing well but his stubby and oddly jointed legs may throw you for a bit of a loop, not to mention his arms which have no proper hinge for the elbows.

Overall, Overcast is an excellent purchase and well worth the cash. Five stars out of five.

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