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Spider-Man (Cyborg) Review

Spider-Man (Cyborg)
Spider-Man (Toy Biz) - Spider Wars
Unlike a lot of other alternate Spider-Man costumes that appear in toy form, this one actual originated in the comics first. In No-Adjitave Spider-Man issue 21, Spidey got seriously thrashed and knocked out and later found by Dethlock, Marvel's resident Cyborg-Ninja-Zombie, who stitched up his costume and created a Cable-esque powered-armor sling and eye-patch, but the missile launchers of the toy are all original Toy Biz.

Anyway, enough of the history lesson and on to the toy itself. About four inches tall, Spider-Man has eleven points of articulation. The head, shoulder and hips are swivels and the elbows, knees and ankles are all hinge joints. The cyber-suit that clips on to Spidey is as wide as he is tall and has a duel missle launcher mounted on the left end and a multi-angle missile launcher arm under its right.

The body is very detailed with the thick, scare like stitches sculpted on and look fairly genuine. The cyborg arm is very bulky and very detailed. It would make a perfect arm for a cable in this scale. The paint on the body is fairly good, but the belt looks very sloppy and not very attractive.

The missile launching armor is a pain to put on and take off because the clip is large and ridged, making it difficult to clip on to his body. The springs in the dual launcher are screwed up and won't hold or fire any of the missiles properly, but the arm cannon works perfectly. The detail on the equipment are excellent for a toy from this era. The plastic cable that this came with attacks into the missile arm via the hole in its side with the hooked piece fitting into his none-robot hand.

Overall, Cyborg Spider-Man gets four stars out of five. A tricky upper-body armor and broken springs hurt the toy, but not enough to make it a bad purchase.

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