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Overman - King Gainer Review

Overman - King Gainer
Revoltech (Kaiyodo)
Tipped of on a big sale by Jin, I went to one of the stores he listed and found several Revoltech figures for sale. The Eva Unit 1 was sold out, so I went with King Gainer, impressed with the detail and design. That and Robot Dredlock.

All right, on to the review. King Gainer is roughly three and a half inches tall and features the product named Revoltech style joints that were emulated in the Robot Replica sub-line of the Transformers Movie toy series. The Revoltech joint is essential two interlocked semi-circles with pegs on each of them. These are perfect for allowing interchangeable limbs and hands. King Gainer has twenty-two points of articulation and is capable of some very incredible poses by virtue of specially cut joints and the Revoltech joint that would other wise be impossible with even Marvel Legends and DC Superheroes/Universe Classics.

Unfortunately, these same joints don't hold up very well to manipulation so they will pop out a lot, particularly the knees.

King Gainer comes with two sets of extra hands, a pair of hands for holding his sword-gun and another set for dramatic reaching. At least that is what it looks like two me. The single weapon he comes with is his sword-gun from the Anime. The gun is supremely detailed with even the bullet chamber having nice, subtle touches. The blade of sword is interchangeable with one ribbed with orange teeth. In other words, it is in fact, a Chain-Machinegun-Sword. Awesome. Unfortunately, it can not be effectively held by its hilt, only the gun-handle. This does not detract from its awesomeness. A circle of green plastic can be attached two its bottom locks.

Over all, Revoltech's King Gainer gets four and a half stars out of five. This is a must buy for toy collectors and fans of the series alike! I look forward to purchasing more Revoltech figures in the future.

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