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Bullseye Review

Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Series 9 - Galactus Series
Bullseye a figure you see a lot of as a base figure.Any way not only is this figure great for customs but he is also one of the best figures toy biz has made.The reason Bullseye is such a great figure is because he is very articulated each individual finger is movable. even though this figure is plain and does not have much accessories or pouches or any thing that is very complicated he still looks just as he jumped out of the comic because of the great paint job.Bullseye's variant is darker colored and is gritting his teeth.Bullseye comes with the left leg of Galactus and a comic book.Bullseye features 44 points of articulation.Personally I like the non gritting teeth bullseye better than the gritting teeth bullseye for two reasons one is the mouth I don't like the way it looks on him second is the colors I prefer the lighter colors than the darker.I had been wanting this figure for a while now and got him for free when I ordered man-thing,Cable,vengance,and mysterio figures which I will be writing reviews for later. The reason I got him for free was because The guy forgot to ship them out so now I need a gritting teeth Bullseye and a non gritting teeth Bullseye for customs. I would absolutely recommend this figure to any one.

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