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Phoenix (Green Uniform) Review

Phoenix (Green Uniform)
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Series 6
This weekend, October 24-25, I had to run down my male parent's home in Texas for visitation and went around town to many of the stores and flea markets to pass time. At the Redneck Dirt Mall, I found this toy mint in a not so mint box for three bucks. I popped it open and decided to write a review.

As my first Toybiz Marvel Legend, I am fairly impressed. The hair is made of soft, flexible rubber and the face is full and nicly crafted and the body itself actual looks like a human female. The paint is smooth and crisp, though the eyes are a little sloppy, I can let that go. The Phoenix Crest on her chest is flawless, but the black paint it is on top off is a little short on the right side, so it looks like they misplaced it. The torso is made of green plastic and the limbs from yellow plastic.

The shash is feels like it is made of the same rubber as the hair and is painted yellow with gold highlights. The forearms, hands, and shins look like they are made of either a weaker plastic or they are just faded from age.

The base is shaped like her namesake and is beautifully done with plenty of attention paid to detail on the bird's head and the flame detail. The bottom is hinged so it can be swung back and a hook put inside it as to give extra strength to its back hook port so it can hang on the wall for with a bit of know-how, hang from some strings from the ceiling.

Phoenix's hands look real awkward to me when open, like claws or paws. Even when closed in a fist, they still look fairly big for her and her wrists do not do her any favor, looking way to thin. Her right bicep joint is out of wack and can be popped off with way to little force. Either the hole is too shallow or the peg is too large, I'm not sure. This could be caused by age as well, but still, I'm going to have to deduct points for it.

All the Marvel Legend articulation is there.

Over all, Phoenix gets three and a half stars out of five.

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