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Captain Atom (Silver) Review

Captain Atom (Silver)
DC Universe Classics (Mattel) - Wave 4
This one really pushed me over. I had waited and waited for this to hit the shelves.. so I struck the Targets seeking this series out. Captain Atom was amongst the hardest to tackle it seemed. I finally pick on up and something just wasn't right. Of course we've all seen these figures slung into their plastic trays in ways that push limbs this way ans that. But what I saw today for a first rushed run of what should be the best figure series anyone has seen since 1984 made me want to rip my face off. I think Mattel needs to worry less about deadlines and junk and more about pushing their products out as if they were products. Knee joints incompletely manufactured!!!! Elbows incompletely joined!!!! Ankles undone in the package!!! Two right arms!!!! Arms completely on the wrong socket!!!! Now don't get me wrong, Mattel is doing a great job of applying this component averaging to their Super Hero series, but PLEASE exercise some caution in making these guys. (Averaging is the basis of using basically the same body parts or components to make several different "new" products... ie Superman Red/Blue and Black Manta and Green Lantern all have the same torso and shoulders and knees and what not because it cuts cost and "maintains uniformity". What I am seeing on the pegs is Collector Market Suicide!!!! Money's funny now a days, and Mattel needs to watch how much they are paying to roll these sought after little guys out of China. They could be marching themselves off a cliff of BIG market disappointment. Any how I still love these figures just COME ON MATTEL!!!!! QC!!!!

      by GeekSummit   Update Review

User Comments
HeartBreakCustoms - Monday, October 27, 2008
Yeah Like my robin fig has one huge hand and one 14 year olds hand.

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