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Iron Man (Heroes Reborn) Review

Iron Man (Heroes Reborn)
Marvel Legends (Hasbro) - Ares Series
When I heard of this Iron Man being released, I was extremely excited, but once I got it, a little sad. The figure is great when it comes to the sculpt. Finally a new sculpt. The detail is great, and even the articulation was fairly well done. The elbows were more of a socket type joint, which adds to the effect when setting up neat poses, and the hands were a lot larger as compared to some of the other iron man figures that had puny hands. But, there is a down side. The ankle's don't have the usual pivot joint that other ML figures have. Instead it had just the simple forward back motion. Not that big of a deal though. On another minute note, there isn't a hole for a flight stand to be inserted. And finally, the one thing that most will notice being it's true flaw..the paint scheme. the goldish color of the cybernetics doesn't look too bad, a little dull though, but the red portion is really dull. almost a maroon/burgundy color. I give this figure a 4 out of 5 due to the new design, nice articulation, and overall quality of the figure. A nice new figure to add to any collector's shelf.

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