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Scarlet Spider (AKA Ben Reilly) Review

Scarlet Spider (AKA Ben Reilly)
Marvel Legends (Hasbro) - Ares Series
I got excited hearing about the new Ben Reilly Spider-Man, even though they titled him Scarlet Spider. But there are a lot of drawbacks in this figure. His articulation isn't the greatest, especially for a Spider-Man figure. he can't do any low crouches or very acrobatic poses. His head has the embossed webbing we've all come to know with the movie style figures, and his body doesn't. Yes, his body got a great and crisp paint app, but the two just don't mix well. His hands are in my opinion his worst attribute. They are really, really tiny in comparison. And one is stuck in the traditional web shooting pose. This figure gets a 3.5 of 5 due to the nice paint app.

      by flawpunk   Update Review

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