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Powerglide (Classics Series) Review

Powerglide (Classics Series)
Transformers - Universe 2008 (Hasbro) - Ultra Class
The original Autobot dare devil, Powerglide, gets his second toy after over twenty-four years of neglect. Originally a Minibot, Universe Powerglide has been massivly upscaled into a huge Ultra Class Transformer with enough sound and light effects to make the thrid biggest egomaniac Autobot proud.

Like the original Minibot, Powerglide turns into an A-10 Thunderbolt with a modified nose cone to avoid having to pay royalties. The color scheme is actually reversed from the original G1 figure from red with white highlights to a predominatly white body with red trimmings on the wings and jet engines and his robot modes wrists and ankles, but the head remains solid red with a silver faceplate.

The cockpit, instead of just being some molded translucent orange plastic, actually has a suprising amount of work put into it to make it look the the interior of and actual plane with the primary LED inside it resembling a fighter pilots helmet at first glance.

The whole plane mode has painful amount of detail from individually cut pieces of armor with visible dimples to represent rivots to windflaps on the wings.

The flames coming from the rear of his engines are sculpted from translucent orange plastic with LEDs inserted in them so they flash, along with the cockpit, when the orange button just in front of the engines is pushed. In plane mode, this creates one of three sound effects. The sound effects are a machine gun firing, the engines powering up, and a fwooshing sound to mimick take off. Each one causes the cockpit and engines to light up.

Powerglide has a number of ID markings on him. On his fusalouge, JMM 7128 are printed, 9G is painted on his winges, B-12129 on the out sides of his engines and finally, M-10 51 on his tail fins.

Powerglide gun can attach to the underside of his nose cone with either the machine gun forward or the missle laucher side forward.

Transformation is relitivly complex, and I don't really feel up to detailing it for you, so sorry.

Anyway, his robot mode is just as cool as his jet mode with insane amounts of detail. In robot mode, Powerglide is huge. His engines become his pectorals so, yeah, he has flamethrowing >CENSORED<. The autobot symbol his proudly displayed in his chest. Lifting this up will reveal a stylized heartm a reference to the episode "The Girl Who Loved Powerglide".

His wings are attached to the sides of his engines to that the arms are in the proper place, but the connection is rather poor so the wings will often detach and make the arms droop down some.

Powerglide is loaded with articulation, mostly rachcet joints, and can be put in some very dramatic poses. His dual machine gun and missle launcher can be held in either hand, but only with the missle pointed forward can it be held straight.

Over all, the body has a very old school Gundam Mecha style design instead of the more humanoid forms of most Transformers, but this only makes Powerglide look more proud and regal than his compatriots.

In this mode, he only has acess to the machine gun firing sound effect which can be used by pressing down on his back to hit the covered sound button.

Over all, Universe Powerglide gets four and a half stars out of five. A great buy for the Ultra Class price point, those this could be a hard find outside of websites because it was one of the earlier Universe 2.0 released.

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