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Wolverine (Black X-Force Costume) Review

Wolverine (Black X-Force Costume)
Marvel Legends (Hasbro) - Red Hulk Series
First of all, let me clarify something. Black though it is, this is NOT the outfit that Wolverine wears in the pages of X-Force. This was based on a variant cover to Uncanny X-Men #381, depicting Wolverine in a look more friendly to the then-upcoming X-Men movie. He never wore it in the actual comics, but it's still a cool look.
Now, I have to say the only reason I bought this figure is that Target dropped the price to $9.99. (I'm sorry, but I refuse to spend $15 on a 6-inch action figure in-store.) That said, I'm impressed.
Relative to the rest of the wave, Wolvie has a wealth of articulation. Standard Hasbro neck, ball-jointed torso, shoulders and hips, double-hinged elbows and knees, hinged ankles, swivels at the wrists, shins, top of the biceps and thighs, and hinges at the fingers and toes. Other than the looseness of the torso joint, all is well.
The paint is pretty clean, though none of us customizers will care as much as regular consumers or collectors. The yellow-on-black is great, especially as a variant to the same old tigerstripe.
The sculpt is nothing new. Seriously, it's almost completely reused. The newest part is probably his belt. It all works, and is much easier than hunting down an earlier wave's Wolverine for basically the same figure.
So, there you go. Unless you find one at a discount store like AJ Wright, a flea market, or for a steal on a website, you won't find a better Wolvie for your Washingtons. Again, watch for the torso issue, but besides that, he's the best at what he does, and what he does... is to be a toy.

      by Kyatollah   Update Review

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