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Kang Review

Marvel Legends (Hasbro) - Ares Series
Nathaniel Richards was a scholar born in the 40th century. Bored with the perfection of his society, Richards became fascinated with history and discovered the time travel technology created by one of his ancestors, Doctor Doom and uses his power to be in the Wal*Mart Exclusive Ares series of Hasbro Marvel Legends . Kang comes with a great chest plate for ares and the Kang himself is nearly perfect in every category sculpt ,paint job,and articulation the reason it only got a 4.5 is because the waist is a little odd looking. First off the sculpt on him is great very comic accurate and very well detailed for his armor,helmet and belt. this figure has 26 points of articulation which isn't bad but the lack of accessories kinda something to be desired from Kang. And his paint job is excellent The metallic purple adds a necessary futuristic look to the figure and the shading in the green is amazing and the fine lines on the face are great. Another great thing about the Kang figure is he is a great alternative to the very hard to come by older fantastic four series Kang so all you who missed out on the old Kang now have a second chance at him.So in the end this is a great must have figure.

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