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Wall-E Review

Wall-E (Thinkway Toys) - 3” Scale
Wall-E is a okay figure if you were a fan of the movie,but its very similar to the factory new Wall-E and has a lot of the same problems . The Wall-E robot has 8 points of articulation 9 if you count the rotating wheels which is pretty good considering his size. Wall-E is small yet very well detailed from the name logo to the solar charge level and they are not the stickers that they put on some toys which was honestly surprising seeming it is a Disney figure. Sadly the did not include a single accessory with the tiny Wall-E which was a bad move seeming the movie had so many item that could have been accessories for him. This causes the figure to be definitely not worth the 6.99 they are asking you to spend in stores,but as I said the bot is very well detailed which for me makes up for the lack of accessories . Another gripe some might have about this guy is the fact that the on this Wall-E series of figures pops off so easily but this also might be a plus for some collectors though mainly customizers . The paint job on this figure is okay the dents and brown paint gives him a old damage worn out look which is pretty cool but the rust color the used was way off it just looked to red. This figure is only worth it if you were a fan of the movie.

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