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Silverstreak (Classics Series) Review

Silverstreak (Classics Series)
Transformers - Universe 2008 (Hasbro) - Deluxe Class
Wha-hoo! This marks my first review on my new computer so I figure I should make this one about my equally sexy silver and black Nissan pal, Silverstreak! Silverstreak is a redeco of the Prowl from the same line except for the lights on top of the roof removed. I was sceptical at first about buying Silverstreak, but the paint job won me over. Instead of dull silver plastic, Silverstreak is actually painted silver, giving him a much nicer and shinier finish. The over all body is very accurate to the original toy but slimmer and more articulation.

You will encounter some problems in transformation that detracts from this otherwise grade-A 'bot. During transformation, the doors have tendancy to pop off. Repeatedly. So, it is just easier to just remove them all together and add them back on when neccasary to complete both modes. Another problem is the roof which clings to the hood and will not ever let go, so this risks cracking the links on it. Shaving the top of them some may help, but I am not really one-hundred percent sure about it.

Silverstreak is equipped with three diffrent weapons. The first two a shoulder mounted non-functioning missle lauchers and the third is a folding laser gun that can be stored under him while in vehicle mode. The rifle is hard to remove from his hands at first, but gets easier the more you do it. Loaded with articulation like most modern Transformers, Silverstreak has swivel neck, upper arm, wrist, waist, and knee joints and hinge jointed knees, feet, elbows and double hinged elbows. This, combined with a great overall balance between kibble and function, allow for some very dinamic stances.

In car mode, Silverstreak is disguised as a...well I can only describe it as a sexy sports car with a passing resembalance to a Nissan 350Z Roadster with a black hood, roof and fender. The wheels turn real smooth but are not loose so it can stay in place unless it's on a pretty sharp slope. Over all, Universe Silverstreak gets four stars out of five. It's a great buy and will not dissapoint any fan or casual collector.

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