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Union Jack Review

Union Jack
Marvel Legends (Hasbro) - Red Hulk Series
I had only heard of Union Jack a few times and never actually read a comic starring the Brittish Superhero, but he was alone on the pegs while all the other figures had doubles and tripples, so decided to pick him up. Union Jack has three accesories: a knife, revolver (with tassels. weird), and a removable belt that hold both. Jack has all the basic Marvel Legend articulation, double hinges knees and elbows, ball joints, ect. and has a fairly bland body which would be well suited for most any custom.

The body is actually a little strange to look at with the knees and biceps large and angular, Ed McGuinness style, compared to the rest of it being fairly natural looking. The knees are also rather difficult to work with when trying to make him stand up straight and seem to always be jutted out like some kind of disformaty. Typical of preshapped gun-hands, if the wrist is straight, then the revolver will be pointed outward to the right, so you'll have to turn it inward for it to not look silly. Other than these flaws, it is an other wise decent toy.

The joints are nice and tight and the paint is sharp and crisp with no apparent run. The Union Jack painted on his chest is flawlessly done. The belt, gun, and knife are all nicly detailed and store well in their pouches. The belt doesn't jiggle around easily and the clasp takes some effort to remove, but I don't think it is in any danger of tearing unless you take a knife to it.

Over all, Union Jack gets a three and a half out of five. Could have been a lot better, but not a to terrible buy, still try to find it on sale or over the net.

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