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Waspinator (Fox Kids) Review

Waspinator (Fox Kids)
Transformers - Beast Wars (Hasbro) - Transmetals - Deluxe
Back in the 90's, Airrazor was one of my favorite characters from the Beast Wars cartoon and when I got the chance to own an action figure of her, even one that never appeared in the show, I jumped at it. A little backstory for this particular redeco: during the original run of the controversial Beast Machines, Beast Wars was being reaired to fill up time, so Hasbro and Fox Kids saw a chance to make even more money by rereleasing the same old toys with a new paint job and a fancy sticker on the box that said Fox Kids! on it.

Not my favorite color scheme for Transmetals Airrazor, it is still nice and easy on the optics. The main body of the robot mode is a light orange color with the upper arms and abdomen are different shades of blue. The heat-sensitive rubsign, which still works, is on the back and concealed in both beast and vehicle mode, but you can access it in robot mode. The design forces a lot of back kibble, but it doesn't really interfere with the toy itself and looks good. The beast modes talons stay on the robot modes arms and act as a claw weapon. Be warned, the hinge on the right claw shows signs of stress and the plastic it is made out of may suffer from Gold Plastic Syndrome which causes the affected area to become incredibly brittle and even deteriorate on touch! Hopefully this is just age affecting an older toy.

The transformation is reasonably difficult, but with a few pictures of the completed modes should give you a good idea about what you should do. The beast mode is a techno-organic hawk with jet engines. The vehicle mode is only a minor modification to the beast mode with the brown bears on the wings pulled down and forming pontoons and change it into a jet powered sea-plane. A third "Defense Mode" involves covering the robot modes body with the back of the beast and vehicle mode to form a full body shield which restricts movement.

Articulation is great with ball joints, swivels, and hinges, though the back kibble will hamper some poses.

Over all, Transmetals 2 Airrazor gets four and a half stars out of five. A great toy that will bring back fond memories.

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