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End Hulk Review

End Hulk
Marvel Legends (Hasbro) - Hulk Series
Based on the one-shot comic, The Incredible Hulk The End: The Last Titan, End Hulk is suprisingly accurate to the aged and wounded Hulk featured in its dark and soul crushingly depressing pages. Strips of flesh have been torn from his body, exposing pink muscle while veins spiderweb across his form. His trademark purple pants have deteriated into a purple loincloth. Hulk's hair is long and turned snowy white showing that even the Jade Giant susceptiable to old age. Very well articulated, you can even recreate, to an extent, the pose from the cover of the comic.

All but four joints are ratchet joints. The head and abdomin are both swivel hinges and the biceps are just plain swivels. The wrists, knees, hips, and ankles are all ratchet swivels, bringing the total articulation to sixteen points, not to terrible impressive, but functional. The sculpt is great and nicly detailed with the teeth coming out suprisingly well. Paint on the exposed muscles and hair is clean and not overdone.

End Hulk is pretty durable and could take a beating without breaking, so it would be great for play or just for display.

Over all, End Hulk gets four stars out of five. A great figure with only a few faults and would make a great addition to your collection.

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