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Megatron (Cybertronian Mode) Review

Megatron (Cybertronian Mode)
Transformers - Animated (Hasbro) - Voyager Class
A merciless warrior and strategic genius that seeks to free Cybertron from the tryanny and into the hands of...Decepticon tyranny. The irony is either lost on him. Megatron weild a massive fusion cannon that is actually just under an inch shorter than him! The cannon can also be converted into a bladed weapon of sorts but the automorph gimmick that works the red blades doesn't function very well because of two nubs on the side of the gun which should probably be taken off some how. The gun fires a spring loaded missle that gets about a foot in range. Usually.

The fusion cannon attaches to a hinge on his right arm, but because of the struts on the hinge, it won't fold flat against the arm and throws off his balance. This can be corrected by a combination of a demeral and X-actio knife to remove a small section of the struts. Insctruction on how you can do this can be found all over the net.

Megatron's head is based on the early prototype for Movie Megatron's head. Y'know, the extremely hideous one, not the one that looks frightening but cool? Meg's has a lot of light piping done. His shoulder, eyes, sides of his chest, Decepticon symbol, biceps, knees and feet are all made of translucent red plastic. Hasbro may have went just a tiny bit over board on this one. As one would expect, the articulation is delightfully well done and allows for many poses of his gloriess form crushing the Autobots. Until he hits Earth's atmosphere and is torn to pieces.

Megatrons alt. mode is a Cybertronian Fusion Fighter that looks like a...well it looks like a kneecap with turbines on it.

The only major flaw that bugs me about Voyager Megatron is the cannon can't fold properly against his arm, but they had to do it so it would pass safty standards. Over all, Voyager Class Megatron gets four and a half stars out of five.

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