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Dr. Doom Review

Dr. Doom
Marvel Legends (Hasbro) - Ronan the Accuser Series
"I want... power. By right, it is mine. For ultimate power is the ultimate destiny of Doom."

Doom is the top tier of comic book villainy. Hell, he inspired Darth Vader. So a FF series of ANYTHING without the Good Doctor would be madness, especially when we're talking Marvel Legends.
Victor comes in at about 6.5 inches, give or take, and has a much more imposing sculpt than ToyBiz's Doom. The armor and robes are more comic-accurate, and it looks like there's more articulation where it counts (I can't imagine midieval armor allowing for toe articulation anyway.) And while the fingers are not hinged, a supervillain could do worse than the claw and gun hand. Also of note- the face underneath the mask is the hamburger-head we all expect, not some Guy Pearce look-alike fool with a scarred cheek.

The paint leaves something to be desired, but as many have demonstrated on this site, that can be remedied relatively quickly.

The cape is a little annoying (I just prefer cloth to plastic,) but the hood looks a lot better. The Luger P08 pistol (used by the Germans in WW1) looks great and fits decently in his hand, perfectly in his holster (where I expect most will leave it.)The BAF piece is Ronan's cape, easily the most versatile piece, great for customs.

Well there you have it. This Doom, while not a pegwarmer, is a lot easier to find than the original ML Doom, and therefore cheaper (found it for $5 at AJ Wright.) Pick it up if you see it, and give your Reed Richards hell.

      by Kyatollah   Update Review

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