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25th Anniversary Optimus Prime Pack (G1 Series) Review

25th Anniversary Optimus Prime Pack (G1 Series)
Transformers - Universe 2008 (Hasbro) - Stand Alone
I had been hoping to find the next wave of Deluxe class Universe figures on my weekly trip to Wal Mart, but was disapointed to find only mostly barren shelves for the Universe line with only Galvatrons and Sideswipes left. Then, all alone at the very end of the isle was this. The 25th Anniversary rerelease of Optimus Prime. I pooped myself. For the small price of my soul and unborn child, I picked him up. This does not only include Optimus Prime, but a DVD containg the first three episodes of the original 1984 animated series, three original desktop wallpapers and never before seen Megatron and Optimus Prime character art, a reprint of the first issue of the original four part Transformers Comic, a reprint of his transformation instructions (with words!) a sticker sheet to applie to the trailer and Optimus, and his transformering trailer and Roller with complete accesories! Oh yes, and a belt buckle/stand that plays the transformation sounds, two Optimus Prime voice clips recorded by Peter Cullan, and a clip of the original Transformers theme song in all its soul gratting techno-glory!

The main body of Optimus Prime is almost unchanged from the original 1984 toy, save smokestacks that have been shortened due to stupid kids poking their eyes out with them. The transformation is what you have come to expect from Optimus Prime and is as easy as most Generation 1 'bots. The fists are seperate entities that must be attached for robot mode. The arms are long, almost Ape-Like. See GEEWUNNers? He was always a munky! Hehe, all kidding aside, the toy is great. Made from predominatly die-cast metal (A lost art, acording to some Maximal Commanders), Optimus has got some weight to him and has only ten points of articulation with swivel hinge elbows, swivel shoulders, and hinged hips and knees. The left smokestack on mine is misaligned and glued to the arm, so I don't want to try and fix it unless I break it. Which I would, because I'm stupid. He also features a rub-sign on the top of his cab which is only accesiable in vehicle mode.

The Ion Blaster seems to only really fit well in his left fist, but it isn't to horrible.

The trailer is just that, and can be hauled along behind Optimus. The real treasure lies within whenever you crack it upon and change it into a combat deck. A tower with a suprisingly articulated grapple arm, and dual firing missles rises from it and the Roller drone with fuel pump attached to it and be fired out thanks to springs hidden inside the base of the tower. The tower has a cockpit that was originally designed for small human figures in Optimus' origins as a Diaclone robot. Stickers have already been applied to the inside of the trailer and depict rather Kirby-esk psychodelic machinery.

Over all, this rerelease of the Generation One Optimus Prime gets five stars out of five. A soild toy with no major flaws that would be a welcome addition to a collection, assuming you can stomach the price.

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