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Ultimate Rhino Review

Ultimate Rhino
Spider-Man (2002) (Toy Biz) - Series 9
Unlike previous versions of the Rhino, Ultimate Rhino's costume is far more robotic and mechanical than seen before. They were able to carry this over into toy form fairly well with a great sculpt and good articulation. Rhino would be absolutly massive if they hadn't sacraficed articulation for an action gimmick the requires his right leg to be premanatly bent and his left leg stretched out to his side. Squeezing his legs togther makes his upperbody twist, head ram upward and right arm smash down.

Like I said before, the sculpt is great with thick gray pieces of rhino-hide like armor covering most of the suit but mechanical parts visible in places. The armor is covered with dents and scars to simulate battle damage from powerful weapons and probably him smashing through buildings. The face looks like Ultimate Rhino and is made of soft plastic and rubber for the horns.

Articulation is great. It is your basic articulation set up for most modern action figures. The hands don't have individually articulated figures, but the last three fingers on each hand are all clustered togther with the index and thumbs having joints of their own. The left hand on my figure is actually too small, or the fingers are too big whichever but the results are the same, with the index finger going off more than it should from the side of the hand.

The base is a prop with four breakaway panels that make up a wall the Rhino breaks down. A newspaper sculpted into the sidewalk tells of the Incredible Hulk's recent rampage in the headlines with a crudly craved picture of the Jade Giant below it; a nice touch, in my opinion. The base doesn't actually provide any real support for Rhino which bugs me more than the hand. What is the point of a base if you can't attach the dang toy to it in the first place?!

Over all, Ultimate Rhino gets three and a half stars out of five.

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User Comments
Sarresh - Thursday, February 5, 2009
I gotta get one of these.

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