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Blitzwing Review

Transformers - Animated (Hasbro) - Voyager Class
Blitzwing is the first triplechanger of the Animated toyline is a homage to the Generation One character of the same name. Blitzwing has two vehicle modes, and three different faces for robot mode, making him a hextuple(?) changer if you want to get picky. His first vehicle mode is a jet with tracks on the bottom and his second vehicle mode is a boxy tank with dual turrets. What is amazing is how such a large toy can be compressed into such a small form as the tank which can fit into the palm of my hand with no trouble. Another kicker is that the jet modes wings fold over the front of the tank mode to make armor which is just cool in my opinion.

The transformation between the three modes is a bit a pain because the instructions don't really give you the small details needed for a successful jet/tank mode. The double jointed elbows need to be collapsed into the inside of the arm so that the forarms can clip together and the wings and tank body hold together better. The forearms have spring loaded panels on them that don't seem to do anything and would probably be better if they were just either solid blocks or just painted on panels.

Changing it from jet to robot mode is very simple and I didn't even have to look at the instructions to do it successfully. However, changing it from jet mode to tank mode or robot mode to tank mode is still pretty difficult, but not impossible. This is a challenge that has been missing from a lot of Transformers, at least for me. The triple-face gimmick can be used by either turning a small, deeply set dial on the back of his head, or just manually turn it by pushing against their chins.

The blue, and red faces need some paint work. Arnold Red needs the teeth painted white and the mouth painted black and the blue head needs some black highlights, and a few nuts and bolts need some black, but that's about it.

The robot mode has good articulation, but the hands could have been swivel hinges instead of just hinges.

Over all, Blitzwing gets four stars out of five.

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