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Prowl Review

Transformers - Animated (Hasbro) - Deluxe
I hadn't planned on getting Prowl because of the soon to be released Samurai Armor Prowl, but found out that they would alter the sculpt, so I figured I should get both. I was very impressed with the over all design of Prowl. His robot mode is tall and sleek and capable of being put in a number of great poses. The ball-jointed hips are a little loose, but that can be fixed by using some superglue on the balls and letting it cure.

Prowl has three weapons over all, two mecha shurikens which are made from his hub caps and a traffic light on a cloth cord, all of which can be held in the robo-ninja's hands. The shurikens are a little difficult to remove from the wheels, but with a little work, they should loosen up. The traffic light can not be stored anywhere, so keep an eye on it so you don't loose it. The knees don't have full ninty-degree movement but this can be fixed by trimming the bottom of the hip pads at a downward angle. The police lights on the underside of his robot mode forearms can be swung forward to make laser guns or something, it's not really that clear about it.

Prowl's conversion from motorcycle to robot is smooth and simple, but still enough tricks to keep you from getting bored with it. The head sculpt is a little lacking and odd looking, like a plastic cyclender with a little bit of sculpting at the top. Still, the body over all is good and the paint application is not that bad and doesn't need that much more done with it.

Overall, Prowl gets four and a half stars out of five. A great figure and I'm looking forward to the release of the retooled Samurai armor Prowl.

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