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Bumblebee Review

Transformers - Animated (Hasbro) - Deluxe
Fun fact time! The Transformers Animated version of Bumblebee was originally meant to be Hot Shot, but after the breakout popularity of the movie Bumblebee, the name was changed accordingly. I got this guy the same time as Prowl and Oil Slick and was fairly impressed. I already new that the stingers couldn't be folded all the way into his forarms, but didn't now that the car roof on his chest is actually fake with the true roof turning into the back of his legs!

Bumblebee has great articulation and a nice head sculpt that looks like the animation model. The eyes have light pipping done, the same with the stingers and the rocket boosters. The transformation sequence is tricky and fun, but difficult to kick off because of the side panel's that need to be moved up are stuck tight. Another improtant aspect of the body is that the feet are huge! Like, rediculesly huge for that body. It's like he's wearing clown shoes!

The racing strip is not that well done on mine, though this should vary from figure to figure. The left arm socket feels a little fragile to me, so be careful with it unless you accidentaly break it. The rocket boosters don't hold very well which annoys me some, but not that much. The stingers, as said before, can not fold all the way into his forarms, but there are fixes over on the Allspark by Jin Satomie himself and other on how to correct this. The stingers can also clip together like Transmetals Cheetor's hands in the animated series to form a bigger, more powerful weapon.

Over all, Bumblebee gets four stars out of five. With a little more work, it would be perfect.

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