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Oil Slick Review

Oil Slick
Transformers - Animated (Hasbro) - Deluxe
Got this guy today along with Prowl and Bumblebee. I had been looking for this guy for some time and found a nice stockpile at WalMart along with a bunch of Sentinal Prime's which I'm not sure I'll buy or not. Oil Slick is prehaps the most Metal of all Transformers with a freakin' ram's skull on the front of his vehicle mode which is a quad-wheeled low riding chopper. The chopper is very loosly based on the Dodge Tomahawk motorcycle which is really freaking fast, so we can guess that Oil Slick is one of the fastest landed based Transformers yet.

The transformation isn't difficult so much as it annoying with the back wheel on mine just not wanting to click together. The two barrels can be attachted to fold out wings on his side. One can be opened up to hold water, dirt and other such stuff, but I'm not sure how water tight it is. The other is popped open to be a chain weapon. The connections keeping this barrel closed are pretty poor, so it will open up with little prodding.

The robot mode is great. Thin and sharp with something about it that just looks wrong plays well with his "mad scientist" motif. His head is covered by a translucent helmet ala Mr. Freeze which only serves to add to the creepiness of his light pipping with his face becoming obscured save for two glowing green eyes and a sickly halo surrounding him. His hands are huge with long claws for fingers and spikes running along the outside of his forarms. He doesn't even need his chain weapon to kill you, he could just impale you like Voldo or Baracka only if they were hyper-advanced alien robots. His forearms have a hinge joint so you can make it like he's giving the mother of all backhands to Ratchet, or like in the comic a roundhouse kick thanks to his great articulation.

Over all, Oil Slick gets five stars out of five. I'm going to have to get another for a repaint job, just so I can put him in the colors of Dethlock's motorcycle.

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