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Snarl Review

Transformers - Animated (Hasbro) - Deluxe
I got Snarl only out of the sake of completing the Dinobot set and nothing more. Snarl transforms into a Triceratops with very little articulation in that mode. The transformation from beast mode to robot mode is simple, but needlessly frustrating with the instructions not giving very clear directions on rearraging the beast modes head and repositioning it. The nubs that hook his large shoulders into his main body are not alined well and the hip clasps don't connect at all, leaving him with a very loose and unweildly waist. The pop out flame gimmick in his shoulders in pathetic and adds nothing to the toy over all.

Though Snarl has his good points. The toy does well in mixing Slag and Snarl into a new form. The tail becoming to wings like constructs on his back is reminicent of the Generation One Snarl, but the beast mode and bio is very true to the original Slag. The paint is good and nothing much really needs to be added as they got pretty much everything on him in the factory. His club, or as I like to call it: The Gaint Cheeto of Doom, fits nice and snuggly in his hands which are sculpted inpressivly.

Even in this mode, however, Snarl falls flat when it comes to articulation. His stumpy frame, which should actually be about equal to Grimlock if you wanted it more scale accurate, only has minimal articulation and other times it is in odd places. A swivel joint at the waist or hands would have been great. The eyes have a light pipping done, but it is negated by the eyes being painted over. Which may be good because he would have had orange eyes other wise. What happened? Hasbro run out of translucent blue? The one saving grace is the fact that Snarl's beast mode looks great. Still, it is a hard justification for a toy that you have to plop down about Eight-Fifty four at Wal Mart for.

Over all, Snarl gets two stars out of five. A major dissapointment that left me feeling a little cheated in the mind.

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