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Hulk (Shield Smash) Review

Hulk (Shield Smash)
Incredible Hulk - Movie (Hasbro)
Picked this guy up very cheap at a flea market about a week ago doing some shoping for a few people I just don't give two cents about, how it got there I don't care, mainly out of curiosity and need for some potential fodder. I popped him out of the box and was actually pretty impressed. The Shield Smash Hulk is essentially the Thunderclap/Megaclap whatever Hulk from the first series but with a new set of arms, improved head sculpt and diffrent green used for the body. The head is a great improvment, the paint much less sloppy looking and more care taken with the eyes. The jaw line has been redone some into a more traditonal snarl than roaring face and the hair is much better looking with this paint job than previous.

The body is a lighter in shade, like Ang Lee's Hulk, but with weight. I actually like this shade over the asparagus green that has been used previous, looks more radioactive. The pants are now brown instead of blueish-black and the waist still has no articulation. The hands have been resculpted into more of a grabbing position so that two pieces of metal can be fitted into them. Pressing the button on the back makes the arms come togther and clack the "sheild" togther like the Thunder/Megaclap hulk did with its hands. They've tightened up the joints in the legs and neck very noticably. The shading no longer looks like they just rolled him in dirt and actually looks like darker skin.

Overall, this is a great improvment over the Previous Hulk that used the mold and I'll give it a solid four stars out of five.

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