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Abomination Review

Incredible Hulk - Movie (Hasbro)
Figured I might as well get a jump on the reviews, so here we go. Got this guy as a stocking stuffer and was pretty impressed with the over all quality of this toy. The Abomination is about an inch taller than the Hulk's from this series and is much better detailed. The articulation is the same as it is on the "Super-Possible" Hulk, but the knees aren't hindered by a pair of pants. The hip joints are a little loose, but nothing that keeps him from standing or being posed. The head has a decent resemblance to Tom Roth (the actor who played Emily Blonsky) in his mutated state. The eyes are a problem, but not as badly done as they where on the first few Hulk's. The Lead Pipe is a great accessory that can actually stay together! This is a big bonus to him. The pipe is held in his right hand with a snug fit.

The bulging chest and massive four toed feet really drive the "deformed freak of nature" look home. The heel spikes are not part of the main foot but are located on the back of the calf to allow for better foot movement. The elbow spikes are on the elbows of course and don't interfere with movement. The right hand has the Doomsday style spiked knuckles, but the left hand only has some ridges on it instead of spikes which erks me a little, coming off as lazy compared with the rest of the body which is pretty great. The head only has a swivel joint, but if it had the hinge like the Hulk, then the spine-spikes would have been messed up, so I can let that go. But, the head is still just a bit to wide for the neck.

Over all, this is a great figure and gets four stars out of five. A bit more work on the head and left hand would have made it perfect.

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