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Commissioner Gordon Review

Commissioner Gordon
Batman - Hush (DC Direct) - Series 3
I'm not exactly a fan of Batman series nor DC comics but the moment I saw this action figure I knew I want to add this to my collection ..
and I'm glad I listened to myself

<<>> le good <<>>
An action figure of a middle-age man in a trench coat that comes with a gun..
what's not to like?

<<>> le bad <<>>
the eyeglasses was more of a burden than a blessing, keeps popping off his head
no matter how well you fit it and it's VERY, VERY EASY to break


this DCD Commissioner Gordon may strike you as a "generic" looking figure in first glance..
but pay more attention, and you'll see it's got plenty of good things in it..
and perhaps its simplicity is its beauty..

nothing fancy about commissioner Gordon's outfit..
(tie, shirt, trousers, trenchcoat, yawn..)
but really, it takes more attention to details when making action figures out
of the "real life" formal wear

the sculpt was pretty neat, nothing too special but nothing over the top either
there are some flaws like the nose looked abit like it didn't belong to him
(or was that the paint application's fault?)
but it's only noticeable if you take a really close look to his face
which is something you wouldn't do in a daily basis..

I like the way he's posed, he looks pretty heroic and unyielding but not to the point
that he's about to lift a car or fly off the sky
which is just right for his character

the paint job was pretty neat and I mean that literally..
as if he just dressed up and is just about ready for work..
not much detail on the skin and clothings.. gloss paints apps for the shoes and all
but I must give credit to the character designer for the really good
colour combination for his clothings.. white shirt, burgundy necktie, brown trousers to match the trench coat and black shoes.. yes.. that's how people should dress for work!!
(okay, I wish the shoes had leather soles.. but that would be asking too much)

the articulation one of its weak points tho.. only around 9 points of articulation
neck, arms, elbows, thighs and knees.. the waist isn't moveable (huh!?)
it could take some bending and stretching of the legs to get this action figure
to stand his feet firm to the ground..
I wish they could've made his feet abit longer to make him easier to stand up and less
prone to falling when displayed

and the biggest concern is his glasses!! watch out!! you have 9 out of 10 chances
of breaking it.. (trust me)
handle witch care and get some super glue ready..
I decided to stick his glasses forever to his head ..after I broke it..
(it's not like he's gonna need to take it off anytime soon)

all in all, this action figure makes a good toy.. I mean hey! he's got a gun!!
even for kids who hardly or doesn't know him at all,
he's quite appealing or did I spell that correctly?
it also makes a good addition to your display.. did I mention he has this heroic and unyielding stance??

and as for the value, spending $10 to $12 for this action figure should be reasonable


-- reviewed by: Demitrios Rausus

      by Riverius242   Update Review

User Comments
Maelstrom - Tuesday, December 30, 2008
Looks more like Commisioner "Pennyworth"?

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