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Sentinel Prime Review

Sentinel Prime
Transformers - Animated (Hasbro) - Deluxe
Color me impressed. I had never intended to purchase Sentinel Prime but finally broke down and was amazed at this guy. I popped him out and transformed him for the first time and was blown away at how smooth and natural the transformation was. The top slid back and formed his legs and the front became his back with his doors and tires becoming his arms and shoulders respectivly. The body is huge and intimidating with the head a stunning recreation of the Animation Model, astroroid sized chin and a disgusted grimace at being handled by an organic like your's truly. Much of the paint application for the head is already done, but a few touchs are need to complete the toy and bring out all the detail. Sentinal's lance and sheild are stored on top of his roof in vehicle mode and are held very tightly in robot mode, completing the knight theme that he has in the series.

The shoulders don't really hold together well because it's difficult to get the pegs and holes in the wheels to line up just right and trying to pose the arms tends to make them pop out. Also, the plow that forms his shoulder armor gets in the way of moving the arms up and down, but they can be raised easily so it is not the biggest problem. The whole figure could have done better as a voyager and would be in better scale with the Voyager Optimus Prime who is taller about a head in robot mode.

Over all, Sentinel Prime gets four stars out of five. A great figure with few flaws.

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