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Spider-Man Review

Transformers - Crossovers (Hasbro) - Wave 1
If anyone was skeptical over the Marvel Crossover series, it was most assuradly me. At a price point of over fifteen bucks for a series that would either suck eggs or be the greatest thing since the invention of the fart joke, I found that the Spider-Man fell somewhere inbetween, strataling the fence between utter garbage and fun little toy.

The vehicle mode is a fictional mock up of a motorcycle with the webmissles making the exaughts pipes. The front likes odd. They attempted to make it resemble Spidey's mask but it came off looking like a bug pokemon thing. The transformation is very simple with me only having to glance at the first part of the instructions before I was able to transform him into his robot mode. The robot mode looks like, well, robot Spider-Man so I guess they succeded there. The web missles fit into launchers under his hands, which are a pain to fold out by the way, and get respectable range. Due to the design of his thigh, Spider-Man's knee's range of motion is severly limited and his hips aren't much better so you can't really get him into the traditional Spidey squat.

The head is a cool design with a heat vent I'm guessing on the top and a section of black and silver webbing stretching down behind his lenses which I think is pretty cool. The head can be swiveled left and right, but carefull or you will force it back down into the body or cause the gut crunch to bend back. The gut crunch, as pointed out previously, could stand to be a bit tighter and the hands could have been easier to pull out of his forarms. The detail is over all good, having a neat little Super Robot genre feel to it.

Over all, the Spider-Man Crossover figure gets three and a half stars out of five. This could have been a lot better, but it's not a bad toy. Try and find on sale or cheap on E-bay if you have to have it.

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