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Cobra Commander (Battle Armor) Review

Cobra Commander (Battle Armor)
G.I. Joe - 25th Anniversary (Hasbro) - Wave 6
For over twenty-five years, Cobra and GI Joe have been trading blows in multiple media from cheestastic animated series, anime, comics, and above all else, toys! This is essentially a rerelease of the original battle armor Cobra Commander complete with a word by word stat card and a slightly darker shade of paint used for the blue-green. Cobra Commander is unsuprisingly well articulated, having held in my possession some of the original three and a half inch Joes before, but it seems he's been upgraded some with swivel hands and ankles. If this was part of the original mold for this design, I'm clueless there. Anyway, Cobra Commander has in additon to the other joints, double hinged knees, socket hinged hips, swivel jointed torso, swivel hinged elbows, socket hinged shoulders and a swivel neck.

The battle armor's helmet is removable and reveals Cobra Commanders face hidden away in a ski mask, which makes him look suprisingly menacing for perhaps the second biggest ham on 1980's animated televison. The first of course being Starscream who was voiced by the same voice actor! The elbows are rediculesly tight and you may happen to push up from under his soft plastic hands to move them. I advice being carful as they may tear from the joint if to much pressure is applied.
The jet pack fits on his back and doesn't shift around and the gun can be held in either hand, but in my opinion looks best in his right hand which seems to be sculpted more with that in mind.

The body is truly great with the armor having that cool sci-fi feel that was so intracal to the original series and gives him a vintage movie vibe. The gun can't be store anywhere which is a bit of an annoyance, but something I can live with. For some odd reason, the stand only has one peg hole, forcing him to either bend his leg slightly so that he maintains balance on the raised Cobra symbol, or look silly and stand with his legs spread.

Over all, this version of Cobra Commander gets four and a half stars out of five.

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User Comments
Sarresh - Thursday, February 5, 2009
Great review.

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