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Ryu Hayabusa Review

Ryu Hayabusa
Ninja Gaiden II (Neca)
From the famed video game series "Ninja Gaiden", Neca brings to life the Ninja Warrior Ryu Hayabusa like never before with thirty-three points of articulation, a stelar sculpt, beautiful paint applications and a really bad left hand and right socket. Not to say that this is a bad toy, it isn't, there is just a few quality control issuse that should have been worked out.

Ryu is seven inches tall and, unlike previous Player Select toys like the Gears of War and Bionic Commando figures, puts more focus on articulation and not detail to show off his flexibility and ninja skill I guess. Ryu has obvious ball jointed hips and ab-crunch as well as double hinged elbows. Other, less obvious, articulation include hinged toes, a swivel waits, a ball socket head and swivel neck-base, swivel biceps, and swivel-hinged ankles. The four hands are also swivel hinges.

Despite what it says on the packaging, Ryu lacks any throwing daggers even though he has three slots for them in the outside of his left theigh. This makes me angry. Though he does include his sword, which fits nicly in the sheath strapped across his back and two "tonfas". I say that very lightly as they are less forearm length wooden tools for blocking and delivering quick and painful blunt force truama as they are ridiculessly large steel beams used to bludgeon to death any that gets in his way. I say they're about four to five inches in length, making them almost as big as Ryu.

Due to his insane amount of articulation, Ryu can be put into any number of poses from the game and package art, though as stand would have been very nice if only so he would have some extra support. As said before, the right socket for his hand is far too large, making his right hands flop about and not hold steady and his secondary left hand, not the one pictured in the Neca image, is too open to hold anything, making the other tonfa useless. It feels like I could soften it up with a hairdrier or maybe by dunking it in some boiling water, but I'm going to try to tighten the grip some.

Over all, Ryu is a great toy with some flaws that are hopefully relegated to my own. Thanks to Neca and Captain Coder for making these available to us!

      by Collector1   Update Review

User Comments
wesr - Tuesday, March 24, 2009
i was going to try and trade them but i might use them for a diorama since they look like part of construction site lol. of all the weapons the ninja had we ended up with those x.x
pooda - Tuesday, March 24, 2009
Those tonfas are stupid. ive only posed him with them once, and i dont even know where i put them now.(lol)
wesr - Tuesday, March 24, 2009
they''re 14.95 in the FR store. Its the crappy plastic on the helmet and those useless accessories. They coulda given us something other than 2 steel girders with handles lol. I was amazed how bad the silver paint was put on. there''s as much on his face than the rest of his body. I''m removing his head and using it for a custom figure. Got an email from Neca and forwarded my info. They seemed rather annoyed as if its my fault their supplier didn''t do their job lol.
pooda - Tuesday, March 24, 2009
toysRus,com has them for 17.00(whew) but a comic shop here in milwaukee(lost world of wonders) has them for 13.00. its apretty nice fig, but its just something weird about it.
wesr - Tuesday, March 24, 2009
yeah. i sent them another one. knowing my msn account it coulda ended up on the moon lol. i only paid 11.00 from a guy on here used so its not too bad but i could use 2 more lol.
pooda - Tuesday, March 24, 2009
thats strange. i got a email the same day.
wesr - Tuesday, March 24, 2009
for 13 i can overlook a few since ML figures i''ve gotten have had their share of problems b ut above that they should be flawless and they still are on the shelves with the missing daggers and NECA hasn''t responded to my email i sent last thursday about them. I want to buy 2 more for customizing but if that''s they way they''re gonna be i''ll get mine used so they don''t get anything out of it. if anyone wants those silly looking Tonfas they''re no use to me and frankly they shoulda given him a grappling hook or something instead lol.
pooda - Saturday, March 21, 2009
yeah...for 13-17.00 bucks, it shouldnt have so many QC problems.
wesr - Friday, March 20, 2009
I just got one without daggers too. The paint is sloppy, especially on the head, and the crest on his head/mask is half unglued and bent. This isn''t a big deal since i''m removing the head anyhow but for what the figure goes for i''d expect better quality.
pooda - Monday, January 12, 2009
i have the ninja gaiden figure as well, and i must say that i like it. true, there are some QC issues, but mine are a bit different.
1) his left leg pops out of the socket.
2)the glue that holds the rubber pieces together is too thin.
over all....its still a solid figure. mine did not come wit the daggers, but i contacted NECA about this problem, and they had this to say...
> > > This was an error on the part of our factory because the daggers should be
> > > in there and the production samples we received and signed off on for
> > > production all had the daggers. We are working on getting 3 pack bags of
> > > daggers that we can send to anyone who has purchased the figure and found
> > > that the 3 daggers are missing.
> > >
> > > We are deeply sorry for the issue and we will send out replacement daggers
> > > in January at our expense. Please provide your name and mailing address
> > > we will send them out to you as soon as we can
> > >
> > >
> > > Thanks,
> > > Randy Falk
> > > NECA
> > > Director of Product Development
> > >

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