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Cheetor (Beast Wars series) Review

Cheetor (Beast Wars series)
Transformers - Universe 2008 (Hasbro) - Deluxe Class
Having waited with girlish glee at the prospect of a new Cheetor toy, I was most exstatic over having finally found him in stock at my own personal backwater Wal*Mart. I snatched him up along with the rerelease of Starscream, and the new Hound and Animated Blurr figures and was only moderatly dissapointed with Cheetor. Originally, Cheetor's beast mode was an immobile brick with a disgustingly placed water cannon. This newer update is a shockingly accurate portrail or a Cheeta with a bulky upper body and a very slim, borderline anorexic lower half. While it has far more articulation that the original (I.e. can move), the hind legs are a little restricted in over all movement, but still loaded with joints. A neat homage to the odd fact that the original Cheetor came in two eye colors (green and red), a switch just behind his Beast Mode's shoulder blades makes his mouth open in a roar and head slid up over a new set of red eyes. Bizzare but still cool.

The robot mode is not the best it could have been, but is still not the worst I have ever seen. It is very tall and thin, fitting for a speedster like Cheetor. With an improved range of motion, Cheetor can be put into a few running poses for combat stances. Gone are his assortment of guns, replaced by twin shuriken's akin to Animated Prowl save better in design and a whip made from his tail like Transmetal 2 Cheetor. It's a little sad to see him with his guns, but something I can let pass. The shurikens store in compartments on his legs (hind legs in beast mode) which are made to look like bulging thigh muscles and the tail whip I really need to explain where it goes?

His arm movement is cramped by the kibble that made up his forelegs in beast mode which goes just past his elbows, but it is not too detrimental to the figure. The biggest problem is his "backpack". literally half of his beast modes mass is hanging off his robot mode's back. It is just plain ugly and really messes with the toys over all stream lined aesthetic.

When it comes down to it, Cheetor gets three and a half stars out of five. Could have been better, but it is still over all, a good toy.

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