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Starscream (G1 Series) Review

Starscream (G1 Series)
Transformers - Universe 2008 (Hasbro) - Deluxe Class
Does Starscream really need an introduction? Since the 1980's, Starscream has been plotting and planning his over throw of Megatron. Which usually comes down to shooting him in the back and declaring himself leader before he's smacked upside the head by a fusion cannon blast for being stupid. This is only the second Starscream released in this particular mold, originally made for the Classics toyline and redecoed and retooled countless times into Skywarp, Thundercracker, Dirge, Ramjet, and Acid Storm. By now, the mold is offically cheese and needs to be over hauled by Hasbro if they want to keep using it. The only reason I got this was because I didn't have the original Classics version. However, this version has a far more cartoon accurate paint job, so I guess it has some advantages. Which immediatly drop dead from a flesh eating virus.

The joints and connections are badly degraded, resulting in a loose and floppy Seeker (though oddly the tail fins are much stiffer than the earlier Acid Storm, variation I guess. The arms flail about far to easy and the null rays refuse to stay in the arm slots for nothing. With only a slight brush against the chest, Starscream will open up and the wings sag down. The legs shift almost constantly with little provacation and his hands have a hard time staying tucked away in his forarms. The head moves left and right somewhat easier, but knowning it's cause by the age of the mold is just depressing.

Once you get past the many flaws, the paint scheme is nice and overblown, much like the Air Commander himself. The top of the Null Rays are made of blue plastic for some reason when they should be the same white or gray as the rest of the cannons, but I can let it go. They included the nice treat with upside down Decpeticon symbols on his wings in robot mode, a throw back to the original Generation One toy. Only a minimum amount of touch up work needs to be done to complete the original colors.

Over all, Starscream gets two stars out of five. Only get this if you have to have the toy in the classic paint job or didn't get it the first time around.

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