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Blurr Review

Transformers - Animated (Hasbro) - Deluxe
Styled after the second fastest fictional car, the Mach 5 of Speed Racer fame, Blurr as been revived as the super speeder (and talker) of the Autobot ranks. The minute I saw the first test shots of Blurr, I knew that I would have him even if I had to sluaghter all who got in my way. Which it turned out were a lot of people. And cops. After a long trial, I got off on a technicality and finally popped this sucker open. This is perhaps the best Animated Deluxe figure I have come across. Unlike other transformers, there is no jaring transition between the color of parts and switches, allowing it to come together seamlessly and disguising the button on the hood quite well. The primary colors used for Blurr are a light blue, a shade of blue-green I think, and a dark blue for the sides and hood. A bit of red is splashed onto the tail lights to break up the color scheme some.

The headlights are made of translucent blue plastic and inset in the toy so they'd probably be a pain to remove. The afore mentioned button on the hood is between where the two lines on the hood narrow and above the Autobot Elite Gaurd crest. Pressing it makes a energy saw made of translucent blue plastic unhinge from the underside of the car and pop forward. The transformation is suprsingly difficult, but not impossible, the most trouble I've recived was from the specials position that the hips need to be in to tuck them under the car.

The robot mode is solid and one of the best I've come across. He really doesn't look like he should transform into anything, appearing to be a totally seprerate entity from the car. The legs are very long and avian in apperance. The only major problem with the legs is that the knees are only single hinged, preventing you from putting him in a more belivable running pose. This is fixed by a simple mode that doesn't affect the apperance of the toy or affect stability. I'll probably put up a text tutorial on how to do it later. The arms have a full range of motion. The hood for the vehicle mode can be attached to either forearm and be used as a sheild or saw if the blade is deployed.

Over all, Blurr gets four and a half stars out of five.

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