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Joker Review

Dark Knight - Movie Masters (DC Direct) - Series 1
This figure sucks. Lol, you should have seen the look on your face, priceless!

Jokes stands under 6 inches, around 5.8. I think this figure was rushed for production, both when sculpting/designing it and when on the factory line being painted, it's little things that are bugging me. The hair looks bland, chunky, too round. I'm not used to seeing this kind of blandness from the 4 Horsemen, the thick paint apps make it look worse. The face is alright, but the make-up isn't. Mini-Heath here looks like a stoner instead of like the crazed looney he portrayed on-screen. The right sleeve's cuff has button and slot detail while the left is plain, was this on purpose? Is that how it was in the movie? The buttons/slots down the front of the purple coat are faded, as if it was cast imperfectly. Joker has old-man syndrome, or at least he's wearing old-man pants, lol. I think they were going for a baggy appearance, if so, then it's alright. He has a slouched form though, I think it's just the way the neck is designed, the head needs to be able to pivot back a little more to get a natural upright position. The whole figure just looks badly-cast if you look close enough, many details, like the seams, are blurred. I may have just gotten a figure from a bad production run. Hopefully. He looks really cool facing downwards and from the side, but from displayed facing front, this figure is kinda meh. At least the pinstripes on the pants are straight.

Most articulation is present, the missing arm-swivel is really annoying though. There's no ab-crunch either. The feet don't realLy move because they're restricted by the pants, but they move enough I think.

I think this figure came with a tiny knife, I don't remember, I may have lost it when it fell out of his ill-fitting grip. Also packaged along is one of those hilarious baggies and a clown mask, put it on your cat, they love that stuff! I keep reading about how everyone loves their Joker figure, they got a good one I guess!

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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