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Batman (Batman Begins) Review

Batman (Batman Begins)
Dark Knight - Movie Masters (DC Direct) - Series 2
Everyone and their sexy grandma already has this figure, so if you don't believe what I say in this review, just go ask your friend's grandma to show you her toys. That should be fun.

Bats stands a hair under 6-inches tall, over 6 if you count the ears. I think he's under-sized for the DCUC line, but remember, this ISN'T the DCUC line, it's the MOVIE MASTERS line, so you can't really still annoying though, lol. There's no way to describe in words how detailed the suit is, so it suffices to say it looks as complex as it does on-screen. Even the soles and belt are ultra-detailed (is that an Ipod on the left side!? Dammit Batman, you're supposed to oppose evil, not flaunt it on your belt!). The narrow cape is stiffly-flexible, it's nothing fancy so don't expect any dramatic cape-swooshing poses, it hangs nicely though. Something you may notice is that the figure looks short and stocky, it's not though, that's just an illusion created by wearing so much armor. Who can blame him for wearing it, considering how much abuse the guy has to take. If looking short and fat lets you survive a free-fall from the top of a sky-scraper, then so be it! And another thing, how is it that Bats can fall from a sky-scraper and smash onto a car, then get right up and pretend like nothing happened, but later-on falling like 2 stories apparently leaves him devastated, at least enough to leave him stunned for a bit? @_@

The paint apps on the body are odd, you can't really tell from the movie that his suit is two-toned because of how shadowy the film is, but apparently it really is two-toned, yay? The suit is mostly black with some patches of dark-gray armor, notably on the chest so the bat-symbol stands-out. And by the way, you can't even see the bat-symbol, it's lost among the intricate armor-design, oh well. The chin and eyes are painted flawlessly. He has a cold, calculating stare, but Bale's naturally cheery mouth makes him look funny.

All standard DCUC articulation is there, even the ankles rock a little. The shoulderpads limit some movement, but they're only a problem if you plan on posing your Batman like he's clucking like a yes, they're a problem.

Bats comes packaged along with a baggie and a small Batman mask that has no practical use as far as I can tell. Does it fit on Barbie or Ken's head? The world may never know. I would have preferred a small arsenal of batarangs or a gadget or two, it would have used less plastic and been more fun than a Batman mask for Mr. Potato Head. Potatoes are delicious though, go eat some.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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