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Taskmaster Review

Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Series 11 - Legendary Riders Series
Tasky or otherwise known as Taskmaster is seriously a sweet Marvel Legend if you can get a hold on him. Taskmaster has the Bullseye, Daredevil, and countless other legends style articulation, the only thing that I would personally change on Tasky is his hands lack the finger joints so his gun hand always looks as though he's trying to get somebody to come near him by waving his finger. Besides his hands Taskmaster is very sturdy for a figure, as he has fallen off of his glider and off of a bookshelf many a times.

Tasky comes with many accessories as he should because hey Taskmaster with out the tools just isnt him. He comes with his black knight style sword, his custom captain america shield, a billy club like daredevil, and just a plain pistol, don't get me wrong its cool looking but not the same pizazz as the other items. he also comes with a quiver for a bow and arrow set although he lacks both bow and arrows, but a little customizing and then you got a bow and arrows (I suggest using if you have it legolas's arrows and maybe aragorns bow they sorta go together, but hey thats just a suggestion). He also comes with a glider, as seen in the comic he comes with although you don't really see the glider in the comic..

The figure's paint job is extremely good for a factory fig, I especially like the shading on the cape, gloves, and boots. All that stuff just makes a figure a bit better in my opinion.

Over all in my opinion this figure is definatly worth the buy because one if your like me then you want all of your mercenaries like Deadpool, Hobgoblin, Domino, and etc. or you can use him as an avengers villian, or better yet for the hobby most of us are on this site for customizing, customizing like sweet sweet candy, pow....

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User Comments
Sarresh - Thursday, February 5, 2009
Taskmaster is pretty bad@ss. So is the figure. I wonder if he sits at home and watches Bruce Lee videos all day.

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