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Deadpool Review

X-Men - X-Force (Toy Biz) - Series 1
This Deadpool is great example of Toybiz in the early 90's with a really cool figure but with one minor flaw. The figure itself is the basic toybiz joint style and personally I really like the old school style of Deadpool, its by far one of the best styles, because well you just don't see it in this day and age not with all of the fancy new deadpools with their extremely sweet weapons... back to business this deadpool is really just a nice piece to add to your evil mutant/ mercenary/ or really sweet figure collection. Oh yeah I forgot to mention the flaw, the flaw is the spring out dagger, now don't get me wrong I love using the dagger to stab cable or the occasional x-personel, but it just kinda looks like a small sawblade type thing not really a menacing dagger, but hey it does make Deadpool look cool. Also he comes with those really cool daggers like swords, which in my opinion are just plain righteous, yeah I said righteous!

You could probably get him for a really reasonable price on a website if you want, don't go to amazon though they charge you an arm and a leg for a Deadpool like 30 dollars for this one and about 100 for the ML one, jeez, I know it's like they're hoarding all the sweet figures and making them at outrageous prices! but besides that a website you can most definatly find him either new or used.

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