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Aquaman (Short Hair) Review

Aquaman (Short Hair)
DC Universe Classics (Mattel) - Wave 2
The JLU cartoons are the versions of characters that I like the most it seems. I think it's because there's aren't like 10 side-stories to each character like in comics, each story portraying them with a different attitude and different ideals. JLU Aquaman is a badass. He's got the sweet flowing mane, he's bare-chested, has a hook for a hand, and blows shoot up with a trident when he's pissed-off. And he has a hot red-headed wife. Aquaman is awesome.

I don't usually like the old costumes because they look stupid, basically. So a lot of the figures being made for DCUC are hit-and-miss for me. This Aquaman costume isn't my favorite, but I like it. I like all the colors and scale-armor is always cool. Aquaman stands about 6.2 inches, he has short water-swept hair, which makes sense over the big beard and hair, less hair means less friction going through the water. The body is unique because of all the sculpted parts, Aquaman makes great fodder! Armor-shirt for a Captain America, pointy gloves for a Dr Fate, black hip-joints for a Punisher, lots of possibilities. There are slight wrinkles on the ankles and fingers to simulate fabric, the scale-armor is all sculpted and decently shaded. I'm not familiar with comics-Aquaman, so I'm not sure why a guy who lives at he bottom of the ocean has such a tan. He rarely sees daylight! I guess they have tanning-salons in Atlantis. He also has a squinty smirk, because he knows he has a hot red-headed woman and you don't. bad person. The trident is pretty badass, super-detailed, the star on it makes it kinda...fruity, like something out of the Little Mermaid. It's kinda loose in his grip too.

All articulation is there and the joints are all solid. The fingers aren't as flexible as recent figures, but you can still slip the trident in there with little problem.

That's about it really, a pretty solid figure for $10.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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Sarresh - Thursday, February 5, 2009

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