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Killer Croc Review

Killer Croc
Batman (Mattel) - Series 3
This version of Killer Croc is a bit under 6.5 inches but would be taller if his knees could out-stretch. It looks pretty cool though! Looks like mini-Godzilla, all evil and junk. The sculpt is awesome, the skin-texture is almost realistic, the odd shading and lack of paint knocks it down into the cartoonish category. The thing that irks me about this figure is that I'm almost sure the lack of articulation is due to the figure having a silly action-feature. When the left arm moves up and down, the jaw does too. If the arm had more articulation, some kid would easily yank too hard and rip the arm's peg off, so they made the arm one solid piece. Ugh. The figure has a long-bum tail, too long! I bought mine loose and can't even imagine how this fit in the package! Was the tail a separate piece? It's bendy and poseable, but it's thick so don't expect too much movement. Also, the tail makes this figure hard to display sometimes, you have to get shelves wide or deep enough for it because you can't really bend it upwards to save space.

This guy would be soooo cool with a lot more articulation. He's only got like 13 POA, it's hard to make a scary figure look menacing if you can't posing it in menacing positions. The head moves side-to-side and the jaw can open. Shoulders are standard DCUC, arms don't turn, elbows don't move, the wrists can spin. No ab-crunch but the waist can turn, hips only move forward and backward, legs don't turn, knees don't move, the ankles are hinged though.

This figure is in desperate need of a re-paint, all the texture makes it a great canvas to learn how to dry-brush on.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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