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Cable Review

X-Men - X-Force (Toy Biz) - Series 1
This is a figure that would have been nice but because of "action buttons" it was messed up. The figure itself is nice, fairly good paint for being pre-legends and has a good likeness to Cable except in my opinion his face is a little narrow, but that would be a REAL easy fix with a little sculpy just widen the jaw. but anyway back to the figure itself, the main flaw is the karate chop action button it's cool if your using him to smack Stryfe around but it just looks kinda weird like he's doing the robot dance and just left his arm hanging. The other arm is on this weird joint and it just doesn't move that well. Now don't get me wrong this Cable is okay not as good as the ones to follow but if your just collecting for the sake of collecting then this first Cable is a good starter. There are also some other paint jobs on this Cable out there for exclusive send away sets (its really the same thing but with a blue yellow color scheme). Oh Cable also comes with this massive gun, it looks like the weaponry that a future world savior would carry on him! This is a great addition if your a beginning collector of the old school figs or if your just trying to finish up your six pack team but if your a person who really like their figures to be perfect then go for the other additions there's so many I didn't even know Cable could go under water just saying that I think they were trying to go with like the whole 10 billion different wolverines but with Cable and it just didn't take off as well.

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