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Mr. Freeze (Ice Cannon) Review

Mr. Freeze (Ice Cannon)
Batman (Mattel) - Series 2
Looks like this 6.5-inch version of Freeze is based on the "Batman - Mr Freeze" one-shot comic, and it's pretty nifty, magnificent sculpting, but there's no point in having so much detail if there's no paint or shading on the figure to show it off. The fig is just dark-blue with some silver bits and some strategic fine white spray to simulate frost (doesn't work too well). What I really don't understand is why Mattel decided to not let his head move separately from the body. In other words, why did they spend the money to install some crazy mechanism in Freeze's body instead of just making the neck a simple swivel-joint? Whatever direction the feet point, that's where the head faces, it does make for natural posing, but we can do that ourselves, just as easily, without annoying gimmicks. Another annoying thing, there are small icicles sculpted onto the body, but they look stupid, again, because of lack of paint. They just look like a faulty mold was used to make the figure.

Freeze comes with the crazy-huge version of the freeze-gun, the pack is removable from his back. It has long hoses that can pop into his gloves, another hose connects to the gun itself. Surprisingly, the figure balances well despite the bulky contraption. It has to be held two-handed because it's a very loose fit in his grip. The gun can "attach" to the pack when not in use in a few ways, I just slip the "targeting system" parts onto two pipes sticking out of the pack, but I'm not even sure if that's the proper way to store it. Somehow, someway, this ridiculous apparatus is supposed to be able to suck-up water and fire it out the cannon. It doesn't really look like it would be worth the trouble of figuring it out though, these things are usually pretty weak, I'm not bothering with it. Let me know if any of you know how to have any fun with it.

The articulation blows ice-chunks because this fig was made when Mattel was just starting to realize people want poseability. I suggest you ignore this Freeze and buy the DCSH version, it's the same sculpt but with FULL articulation! Or try the SDCC exclusive, its a "blacker repaint" of the figure. Anyway here's the artic on this fig: Neck and upper-torso (they swivel opposite of each other), shoulders, biceps, gloves, hips (basic T-crotch), knees. That's it. Bummer.

Don't buy this version of Mr Freeze. Look for the DCSH one, you'll be MUCH happier with that one. Sidenote: The Mr Freeze one-shot comic was lame, they made him seem like a whiny crybaby for no reason. And what was with all the ice-jokes? Bad writing. Here you have a guy who is one of the most tragic DC characters and they reduced him to a whiny brat? Pfft.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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