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Duke (Jetpack) (Cartoon) (v1) Review

Duke (Jetpack) (Cartoon) (v1)
G.I. Joe - 25th Anniversary (Hasbro) - Wave 7
The greatest GI Joe and sworn nemisis of Cobra Commander comes armed to the teeth and baring upon his back the Jetpack originaly seen in the new opening made for the 1987 animated film and the American Flag that can be held, if loosly, in his hands. This mold is a slightly redecoed version of the Duke released in the 4th Series with a lighter shade of brown used for his shirt and a hole made in his back to acomidate the jetpack.

Duke is very well articulated with swivel hinged ankles, elbows, hips, and shoulders while his wrists, mid-section and neck are swivels. Oh yeah, the knees are double hinged. The wrist connections are kind of malformed and look like they will rip out of their sockets if you mess with them too much, so be careful with it. His guns (a machine gun and hand gun) can only really be held in his right hand and the same goes for the American Flag if you only want it held in a single hand so you're forced to choose between gunning down Cobra soilders or beating them to death with patriatism. His helmet fits tight on his head, but I think he looks better without it and the belt strapped across his chest can be slid of rather easily.

Over all, Duke gets four stars out of five. Yo Jo!

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