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Shockwave Review

Transformers - Animated (Hasbro) - Voyager Class
Cold, logical, and ruthless, Shockwave is the ultimate Decepticon spy and the ultimate Voyager Class toy. With four destinct modes and a fun and complex transformation, Shockwave is one of the best Animated toys I have yet to own. The Decepticon spy can transform into a Cybertronian crane, tank, and his Autobot disguise of Longarm Prime and his true form as the tall, powerful Shockwave. The vehicle modes are fairly similair, with the crane mearly being the tank mode with the treads arced up and the cannon folded down so the arm can extend. The real tresuar is the two robot modes. Both of them are very distinct and truly look like sperarate action figures. Longarm Prime is much shorter than Shockwave, with a stockier frame and his vechile modes crane hanging off his back. Shockwave on the other hand, is the opposite, tall and spindly with horns raising from his head like Armada Megatron who his tank mode seems to homage.

Shockwave's cycloptian visage has a cool bit of lightpipping done, allowing for the single optic to shine bright red when the head is in the correct mode. Longarm's face lacks any pipping with simple metallic-blue eyes. The faction symbol on his chest can spin around to show either an Autobot emblem or the Decepticon crest, both of which are vaccum metalized silver and gold repectivly. Oddly enough, the Decepticon symbol on the cannon is the Movie version and not the classical itteration.

The head is kind of hard to get into propper formation for Shockwave, needing to be pulled up a good deal before the bottom half of his black face plate slides up, but is well worth the effort with a really cool look. The cannon can't actually be held in his hands, but clips on to the upside of his forarms with his pincers closed togther to look like he's holding a handle.

Over all, Shockwave/Longarm Prime gets five stars out of five.

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