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Lex Luthor Review

Lex Luthor
DC Super Heroes (Mattel) - Series 4
Cyber-Luthor is about 6.2 inches tall, and surprisingly, he has an orginal body sculpt, not just a stolen suit from Mr Freeze. Well, the legs are mostly the same with a few modifications, but with all the added articulation! Even the elbows bend now and there's no stupid neck-turning gimmick. Honestly, I don't ever remember seeing Luthor wear this crazy thing in the comics, I guess I'm not old enough, but I still would have bought this figure based on the design alone, it's very Apokaliptic. Everything about the suit is intricately sculpted, there are nuts and rivets and circuitry everywhere, even the skirt is eye-popping. It does restrict movement, but if you use a razor to make strategic slits along major grooves, you can make the skirt more flexible and free the legs without ruining the appearance!

The paint application is good for the most part, though there isn't much of it, the figure is cast mostly in the colors it needed. I like the face on this guy, leave it to Luthor to look Smug and Angry at the same time, lol. The Kryptonite Raygun (I'm assuming that's what it is) looks very sinister, but a little bland with no painted details. It fits decently in the right hand, but it's loose enough to fall out if you bump it. I think you can put a piece of kyptonite in the gun's prongs, I'm not sure, I got the figure loose. I don't see a holster for the gun either.

All the articulation you expect is there! It's amazing, I can only image how cool the articulated Mr Freeze is. Even the upper-body can tilt around effectively, the head doesn't move too much though because of how the armor is designed. All joints are very solid.

I doubt you can find this in stores anymore, but if you do then obviously buy it! If only to smack the smug off his face!

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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