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Titanium Man Review

Titanium Man
Iron Man - 2008 Movie (Hasbro)
Don't really know much about this character, but I'm a sucker for robot-suits!

Titanium Man stands about 6-inches tall, you can make him a little taller if you pull his head up a little. I like the junkyard-design of this armor, it looks pieced-together like the Mark 1 Iron Man suit, but a little more refined. It has lots of neat gizmos and piping, even the disks in the hip-joints have engraved detail! The shoulderpads move, like the Iron Man figures, but these are held a lot more securely in-place. Unfortunately they limit arm-movement, you can't lift the arms straight out to the sides. The white/green areas are painted to look like swirling energy, the effect looks okay. Paint is neat on the whole figure, what little there is anyway, the Star and Sickle are immaculately done @_@. The entire figure is cast is a pearly matte gray plastic. Titanium Man is packed along with a clip-on blaster, it fires fairly well.

The Marvel Legends articulation is all there and it's fantastically hidden! You can't even tell it has any joints! The head pops onto a ball, but it's severely limited in movement. What you have to do is pop it off and put it back on, but not all the way. Just leave enough room for the helmet to clear the neck-plate.

This is a neat figure, even if you don't like Iron Man. It's a pretty non-descript design so you can make this character whoever you want really.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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